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Mitigate Pandemic Risks: Track Government Guidance

Telehealth is one area that went from extremely low utilization to the predominant means of delivering healthcare services. The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services started that trend by providing reimbursement equal to in-person visits for telehealth along with not … Continue reading

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Unnecessary Stress: HIPAA and Litigation Requests

While many areas of HIPAA compliance result in confusion and misinterpretation, responding to document requests from parties in litigation is one that has been presenting itself frequently. The classic scenario is Party A and Party B are in a lawsuit … Continue reading

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Debate Over Medical Necessity: When Does Performance of a Service Become Fraud?

A recent story in the Washington Post considered the increasing debate over when certain surgeries or other services are medically necessary, using spinal fusion as the primary example.  The concern centers on both the quality of patient care and the … Continue reading

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