HIMSS17 In a Day

Not wanting to miss the opportunity to join the big HIMSS party, I made the decision to attend HIMSS17 only for a day. What did that mean? A lot of walking, a lot of meetings,  a lot of bouncing around, but, most importantly, a lot of fun. I got to see many friends, make new ones and learn a lot.

Preparation for the day began right at the beginning. That means dressing to show my part in timg_3034he growing community of pinksocks. This helps set and remind that the tone should be community and coming together.

What does HIMSS look like at the beginning of the day? When working on toddler/baby time (which means earlier than you want), it is possible to get to HIMSS and see it in the calm before the storm.


It is not often that a picture can be taken with barely any people in it at HIMSS. However, that is what happens when you arrive before anything really opens or starts.

When faced with a fair amount of time before any meetings, I also had to check an item off of the HIMSS bucket list:


Of course, it was not possible to get the picture by myself. That was aided by a kind offer of mutual help through Twitter. Ashlie Johnson (@heyashlie) was nice to suggest that we both get our pictures.


Before fully venturing out into the wild day, I had to admit to being unaware of some social media use. Candidly, Snapchat is not in my ordinary repertoire. However, HIMSS had a fun geolocating frame to help more easily capture and tag the famous HIMSSelfie. Thankfully, Amanda Burkey (@a_burkey) was on hand to provide a crash course.


Now fully prepared, I began the day of meeting after meeting. While that does not necessarily sound like fun, each meeting was the chance to talk with someone new, learn something new and make a new connection, strengthen an old one or finally get the always sought after “in real life” meeting with a social media friend. As most readers of this blog would expect, the bulk of my meetings focused on HIPAA, privacy and security issues. There is a lot to discuss in that realm though, so there were no shortage of topics to consider.



Bill Esslinger of Fogo Data Center




Robert Lord of Protenus




Chuck Webster, MD – The famous @wareflo and supplier of awesome laser cut Social Media Ambassadors buttons




Colin Hung (@colin_hung) – Amazing co-leader of #hcldr




Dr. Geeta Nayyar – @gnayyar and an amazing woman to learn from



Justin Smith from Galen Healthcare



Wilson To – @wilson_to, a long-time co-participant in #KareoChat, who as it turns out also likes good craft beer



Orlee Berlove from OnPage

While I do not have a good picture, I cannot leave out (and want to highlight) the group of fellow HIMSS17 Social Media Ambassadors. It is a diverse group (not all caught in this picture) who provide thoughts and insights into so many different areas of healthcare. It is a great group to learn from, get challenged by and to hang around with.



The Social Media Ambassador Meet Up

The pictures cannot do full justice to the busy day, but it was fantastic. The energy at HIMSS is palpable and inspiring.

In closing, here are  few statistics to help shape the day:

  • Ground time in Orlando – 24 hours and 30 minutes
  • Miles walked – 9.2
  • Meetings – 11
  • Facebook Live or other video recordings – 5
  • Friends seen or met – too many to count
  • Tweets sent – not sure, but certainly quite a few

Even in a short time, it is possible to obtain a significant amount of value. I hope others feel the same and if you have not been before, maybe next year.







About Matt Fisher

Matt is the chair of Mirick O'Connell's Health Law Group and a partner in the firm's Business Group. Matt focuses his practice on health law and all areas of corporate transactions. Matt's health law practice includes advising clients with regulatory, fraud, abuse, and compliance issues. With regard to regulatory matters, Matt advises clients to ensure that contracts, agreements and other business arrangements meet both federal and state statutory and regulatory requirements. Matt's regulatory advice focuses on complying with requirements of the Stark Law, Anti-Kickback Statute, fraud and abuse regulations, licensing requirements and HIPAA. Matt also advises clients on compliance policies to develop appropriate monitoring and oversight of operations.
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